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The term outplacement describes a company-financed service for departing employees, which is offered as professional help for professional reorientation. The service can lead to the conclusion of a new contract or a business start-up.
The labor market is subject to constant and often unpredictable changes. Sustainable working relationships between employees and companies result when both the competencies and interests of a person and the benefits for the company are taken into account. The tried and tested advisory process of the Praxis für Lös-Impulse AG is based on this principle.

In the relationship between employees, organizations and consultants, the process of an outplacement consultation is as follows:

  • Order clarification organization – advisory: What is the goal of the organization with the advice?
  • Outplacement advisory process for employees – advisors: reflecting on the current situation. What are my needs, interests, skills and resources? What are the specific options? How can these ideas and options be implemented? How do I prepare for the application process?


Graduation: In consultation with the client, brief feedback from the counselor to the organization about the counseling process.


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Outplacement advice