Individual coaching / advice

Individual coaching / advice

Do you know that?

  • Is everything suddenly too much for you?
  • Different stressful situations seem to accumulate and fall over you?
  • Do you feel controlled by others, increasingly dissatisfied, you lack motivation and meaningfulness, be it at work or in your private life?
  • Does this also affect your physical condition?

If you answer YES to at least one of these questions, it may make sense to contact us so that we can clarify together in a free consultation whether we are the right partner on your way to a life full of joie de vivre, self-determination, motivation and meaning.

Together to new skills

In individual coaching, we work solution-oriented from the start. We focus on goals that suit you. We support you in activating your resources and give you a wide range of colors for tools with you on your way, in the sense of helping you to help yourself.

Many of our customers report that they feel a noticeable relief of their experience after the first or second session.

Marianne Flury and her team specialize in

To support you in this

  • to create clarity for yourself where you are and what you want to change
  • to find new perspectives
  • Define new goals in an attitude of self-determination
  • make appropriate decisions
  • then set out on your personal development path in a way that suits you,

in order to get up in the morning with a feeling of general satisfaction and start the day with a feeling of well-being.


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Individual coaching / advice