Couples coaching – couples therapy


Conflicts in the partnership develop slowly over a longer period of time – then suddenly the problem is acute.


  • There is often tension and dissatisfaction
  • The respect and esteem is waning
  • You are missing something
  • You don’t feel loved, recognized
  • Communication is rude / exhausting
  • Confrontations with criticism, allegations, endless arguments take place
  • They talk to each other less and less or not at all
  • You think more and more about separation
  • You feel like you are not the right person for the partner
  • You no longer feel love from your partner
  • etc.

… then it is time to take advantage of couple coaching. In this way you prevent pain and suffering from shaping the partnership at some point more than love and joy, or even from ultimately separating.

As part of couples coaching and couples therapy, we support you with specific questions and problems. We help you to improve communication in your partnership and to dispel misunderstandings and prejudices.

Having a good partnership is easier than you think!

We offer couples therapy online and on site: especially in the cantons of Solothurn, Langendorf, Grenchen, Olten, Burgdorf and Biel.


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Couples coaching – couples therapy