Company mentoring

Company mentoring
Company mentoring is suitable for every company that wants to promote its employees or support its superiors. As an effective addition to the employee appraisal, an alternative to the industrial psychologist, as an important parallel to the company social service or an external counseling center.

Our “Company Mentoring” offer
In recent years, new job profiles have emerged again and again, and more will emerge. So does the company mentor with a federal Qualification.

The official definition of the job description is:
We support / advise / train your employees in their learning, development and change processes.

What does that mean exactly, what are our tasks as a company mentor?
As an entrepreneur, supervisor, employee, you are right in the middle of your activities and routines every day. You know the processes and may react with displeasure if you are faced with too much extraordinary, additional workload or unexpected incidents. With a good work-life balance, you can deal with it flexibly. However, if you are under pressure, the opposite may be true. There may then be a lack of balance, the space for inner distancing. What comes too close is carried along. The more you inflate a balloon, the thinner your skin becomes.

Here it is time for a view from the outside, for a change of perspective and more through the involvement of a person. Mentor. The earlier you contact us, the faster we can find solutions with you and your employees.

Responsible for the mentoring process
As company mentors, we accompany and advise you and your employees in the spirit of the mentoring concept in a professional and professional manner. Mentoring support can be installed at the request of a supervisor (for himself or for an employee) or an employee. We would be happy to hold a free, non-binding initial consultation with you. At the beginning of an order, the goals and framework conditions are defined.

Where do the meetings take place?
We would be happy to come to your company in German-speaking Switzerland for the first meeting and the meetings. However, these can also take place on our premises or via zoom in the virtual room.

Duration of a mentoring process
Changes take some time, so a mentoring process can take several weeks to months.

If you are interested, please contact:
Telephone 032 530 33 61/076 426 65 80


Please send us your comments using the contact form BELOW or CONTACT us BY phone.

We're looking forward for you to contact us: Marianne Flury - 076 426 65 80 / Rolf Flury - 032 530 33 61

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Company mentoring

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Kostenlosen Termin mit Marianne Flury vereinbaren
Stell dir vor, dieses Gespräch kann dein ganzes Leben verändern.
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