Burnout coaching

Burnout support in all situations


We consider burnout prevention to be one of the most important areas of the health process.

The aim is to take measures at this stage. If it is possible to reflect on and change one’s own “strategies” in dealing with challenges, long-term sick leave can be avoided.

On the one hand, this is very cost-effective, on the other hand, a stay in the hospital, job loss, etc. can be prevented.


Burnout is often not taken seriously or viewed as a mere reaction to excessive stress. In addition, the symptoms are often confused with the causes.


Overwork, conflicts in the team, too much stress are commonly seen as triggers for burnout. The reasons, however, lie in a one-sided performance-oriented attitude. Because the more we identify with what we want, the stronger our sense of stress when it is not achieved. Behind this is often a feeling of inferiority that has arisen through imprinting in childhood. Here a solution impulse burnout coaching can help to solve entanglements and to create a new identity according to the current possibilities.

With a solution impulse for burnout coaching, you or your employees will learn to perceive and respect your own limits and to develop a suitable requirement profile.


Following a stay in a burnout clinic, the PLI offers patients with physical and/or psychological impairments through individual case management and coaching support in returning to everyday life and reintegration into work.

After leaving the clinic, it is a matter of putting the strategies and goals theoretically developed in the burnout clinic into practice. Transitions are critical stages of life. In this phase, it is fundamentally important that people are further stabilized in everyday life so that a relapse can be prevented.

We offer burnout prevention and coaching primarily in the cantons of Solothurn, Bern and Aargau.


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Burnout prevention

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Kostenlosen Termin mit Marianne Flury vereinbaren
Stell dir vor, dieses Gespräch kann dein ganzes Leben verändern.
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