We,Praxis für Lösungs-Impulse AG, are an educational institute in which we can coach PLI® and re. Mentor federal Train FA.
In the practice integrated therein, we support and advise individuals and companies in complex, seemingly difficult situations, in learning, development and change processes.

Creed : This is how we want to be:

Unique, quality-conscious, committed, authentic, correct and solution-oriented.


So that we can strengthen people who have little access to their strength at the moment, we need a strong, sustainable team.

As a team, we always support each other, are there for each other, treat each other in a respectful, honest and open manner.



We turn excessive demands into challenges. In this way, supposed mistakes become valuable experiences.

And opportunities develop from crises. We are happy to pass on this recipe for a life full of joie de vivre and quality to all people we meet in our practice and at work.

Give impulses:

With our impulses we give people and companies tools adapted to them, in the sense of helping them to help themselves.


We want to inspire people for the challenges of life, so that they can despite

Repeatedly saying yes to blows of fate / illnesses / crises and return to the sunny side of life on your own. And at the end say it was worth getting up again.


Our customers, companies and individuals are always at the center of our thoughts and actions. We treat you with appreciation and offer you high quality of our services with our constant commitment. Our goal is your satisfaction.


As trainers and mentors / coaches, we have a great role model function for the students. We exemplify what we teach. We perceive our task / our life with a high degree of personal responsibility, always acting in a solution-oriented, resource- and process-oriented manner.

Moving on:

We are not resting on the laurels of what we have achieved. We are always open to innovations, we always reflect on ourselves, but we also improve and develop our offers continuously.


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